Islam & IHL

The Islam & IHL initiative examines from multiple perspectives the ongoing role of Islam—including Islamic leaders—in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the potential that contribution has for contending with the challenges of 21st century warfare.

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Postconflict Justice & Islam

This initiative assesses the conformity to the Shari’a of internationally recognized modalities of postconflict justice, including international or national prosecutions, truth commissions, victims’ redress, vetting of personnel (“lustration”), memorialization, education, and domestic legal reforms.

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Security in the Middle East

INSCT’s Security in the Middle East Program highlights the necessity for a cross-cultural approach to understand the historical complexities; political challenges; and religious, economic, and social issues that impact the Middle East’s security and politics.

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On Islam, Law, & War

A more constructive and practically viable approach … is to encourage Muslims to reconsider their human interpretation of Sharia in the present context of their own societies, rather than superimpose the universality of human rights over what Muslims believe to be required by Sharia. This approach … is more respectful of the freedom of religion and self-determination for Muslims, as well as being more desirable in pragmatic, tactical terms.”

– Abdullahi Ahmed Annaim -

One day in the pursuit of justice is worth more than 60 years in prayer.”

– Prophet Mohammad

The search for an Islamic way is ongoing throughout the Muslim world. It is an uneasy search, seeking to link the fundamentals of a glorious past with a future that offers only hopeful promises dimmed by present difficulties.”

– M. Cherif Bassiouni -